Individual coaching can...

Turn up your volume!

Hi, fancy meeting you here.

I want to start by saying this: You are capable of (re)designing your life to more closely match how you wished it looked even after you have kids. I would even argue it is IMPERATIVE to do so after you have kids.

Did you hear me? I said imperative!

You feel it, too. Whether you are feeling buried, longing for more or less of something, are struggling to strike your balance, want to be a better role model for your children, or are dealing with challenges in your relationship, restoring your foundation and caring for yourself are the glorious first steps.

Glorious, I tell ya!

This is how I can help you.

Some people come to coaching having never really shone a light on these topics, others feel like they are drowning in them, some arrive feeling stuck, unmotivated or disheartened, while others come because they are looking for objectivity and accountability. Regardless of how you show up, I will meet you where you are. I will see you, hear you and advocate for you.

I promise.

First and foremost, I help you dust off, develop and nourish your true, vibrant foundations. The strong, concrete bottom of your metaphorical house that says “I know what I want, I know what is best for me, and I am capable, no matter what is going on in my life”.  We’ll do this by turning over some rocks: explore what’s going on inside of you, what’s important to you and what’s preventing you from living your life to the beat of your own soundtrack.

Together, we strategically nurture this newfound awareness, help you reclaim balance and time in your days, and foster a healthy relationship with yourself and others.

Our coaching relationship is about YOU.

Coaching with me.

To begin our coaching relationship, the only thing you need is a willingness to want more for yourself, be stretched, go deep, and invest in yourself.  You are worth it, I know it, and by the way, your partner and your kids agree!

You are in the right place if:

  • You are ready to choose YOU so you can be a stronger, more intentional person, parent and partner.
  • You are ready to connect to what truly matters to you and make resonant choices for you and your family’s daily life.
  • You are ready to take control of your fears and anxieties.
  • You are ready to find your balance, to love and care for yourself, and to have daily calm and peace.
  • You are done with self-diminishing beliefs like “there is not enough time to make that happen” or “this is just the way things are”.
  • You are done comparing yourself to others and are ready to drown out the noise and opinions of your friends, family and/or society.

A coaching relationship is a powerful one.

It is a strong, intentional alliance where the roles are clear. Your role: bring a topic for discussion and be open, curious, and courageous. My role: facilitate your self-discovery, nurture your growth, and clear the path for real transformation within you.

Have you ever had this kind of relationship in your life? Perhaps not… until now!

Here's what it looks like...

The Pressure Release Package

We let some steam out of the pressure cooker, extinguish some blazing fires, patch the leaks in your boat, let some air out of the balloon, or however you want to say it! Bottom-line, we turn our attention to your current world and help you create some breathing room in order to begin your foundation restoration.

Package Includes:

  • Complimentary 30-minute sample session

  • 1.5-hour discovery session

  • Six sessions over a 3-month time period

  • 45-minute sessions via phone or Zoom

The Diving Into the Deep End Package

Encompasses all of the glory of the pressure release package AND we dive deeper (and deeper and deeper!) to establish, set and implement your beautiful foundations as they apply to your current life.

Package Includes:

  • Complimentary 30-minute sample session

  • 1.5-hour discovery session

  • Twelve sessions over a 6-month time period

  • 45-minute sessions via phone or Zoom

"Coaching with Allie has been extremely enlightening and insightful. She uses a variety of tools, strategies and exercises to provide clarity in different areas (personal, professional, relationships, etc.). She is always able to elicit deep meaningful conversation through her lines of questioning and provocations. Allie is extremely easy to talk to, she is professional but also relatable and down to earth. She has been a tremendous help in guiding me through some inner struggles and I look forward to our continued work together."

D.B. Ontario, Canada

Get Started.

Ready to learn more and find out if this is right for you? I offer a 30-minute complimentary sample session for anybody wondering what the "H-E-double hockey sticks" (yeah, I said it) coaching is really all about.

In this session you will:

  • Discuss how you are currently feeling in your life or partnership.
  • Experience a mini coaching session.
  • Get a glimpse into what is possible by working together.
  • Have a chance to ask questions.