Foundation Restoration and
Relationship Coaching

Building a stronger you, so you can build a stronger family.

Virtual Sessions (based in Waterloo, ON)

I have no time for anything!

Relationship? What relationship?

Balancing everything just seems impossible!

I don’t even feel like myself anymore!

Does this sound like you since becoming a parent?

I can help you.

I want to start by coming right in through the front door, I am not here to coach you on how to parent your children. I believe you are capable of weeding through the ocean-sized vat of knowledge that exists out there and landing on what works for you.

What I am here to do is to help you take care of yourself and your partnership, so you can be the badass parents you want to be.

Foundation Restoration, baby!

Let’s dive in…

Looking back, do you feel like you were underprepared for all the ways becoming a parent would impact your life and relationship with your partner?

You did the research – “sleep when they sleep”, “make time for each other”, “divide up the workload”.

But did you fully embrace it and nurture yourself and your partnership as a result?

My guess is probably not and you are not alone.

It is likely the resulting symptoms you are experiencing that landed you here.

As an INDIVIDUAL perhaps you...

  • feel like you are in a constant state of stress, anxiety, exhaustion and/or overwhelm.
  • experience a lot of fear/self-judgment around wanting to do ‘it’ right.
  • thought parenthood would feel different, thought you would be different.
  • don’t know how to balance your time and prioritize yourself, so you back burner you.
  • feel like you have lost yourself and who you used to be as an individual.

As PARTNERS perhaps you...

  • believe your relationship has really changed, and it is not all for the best.
  • are complacent, have autopilot turned on, and often think “we just need to get through this stage”.
  • feel like you do not have enough time or energy to prioritize date nights or relationship building.
  • think your partner is not pulling their weight and have feelings of resentment.
  • believe the love is there but the spark between you is diminishing.

Perhaps all of these things have been occurring in your life, but let me ask you this, what if you placed the words “until now” at the end of these sentences?

Say it with me...

“I don’t have time to consider how to balance my time and prioritize myself… until now."

“Our relationship has really changed, and it’s not all for the best… until now."

How did that land? Different energy, right?

By adding these two powerful words, "until now", you've just unlocked the potential for change and growth in your life. It's a small shift in perspective that can lead to transformative results.

Now that you've taken this empowering step, you're ready to embark on the next phase of your journey...

Foundation Restoration as an individual or as a couple.

What is "Foundation Restoration"?

It means dusting off, building, or refurbishing your solid base so the rest of your life can stand on it soundly.

Here's what it looks like:


Take Stock

Where are you currently?

Where do you want to be?

What is getting in your way?


Do the Work

Find and fan your inner flame.

Develop tools and strategies.

Implement, practice, learn and grow.


Receive Support

Be seen and heard.

Be stretched.

Be championed.


Be Accountable

Keep your promises.

Reach your goals.



Rinse and Repeat

As necessary.

What you will develop in the process:


More Fulfilling Relationships

With yourself, your partner and your children.


More Clarity

Cultivate a deep understanding of yourself and your relationship and what actually works for you.


More Balance

Consciously choosing how to spend your time.


More Authenticity

Embracing, listening, and understanding your emotions to live as your truest self.

Take the first step.

It will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself, your relationship, and your family.

“On the journey towards greater self insight, Allie is the kind of professional you want riding shotgun. She is intuitive and grounded. She holds up a mirror while normalizing your experience. She makes the scary stuff feel less frightening, and celebrates your wins with you”

E.H. British Columbia, Canada

Get Started.

Ready to learn more and find out if this is right for you? I offer a 30-minute complimentary sample session for anybody wondering what the "H-E-double hockey sticks" (yeah, I said it) coaching is really all about.

In this session you will:

  • Discuss how you are currently feeling in your life or partnership.
  • Experience a mini coaching session.
  • Get a glimpse into what is possible by working together.
  • Have a chance to ask questions.